Module 4 — Management

With Modules 1–3, D2MSS provides you with visibility and accountability all the way through the Sales Lead Distribution process. We are confident that D2M provides the highest quality output that your sales reps can get.

Our process continues with the Management portal, which lets us distribute any program output, such as a report, directly to any channel or individual. This automates immediate follow-up and feedback among team members to close the sales cycle. And it puts the power of sales representative data—such as the number of follow-up calls conducted, win/loss ratios and conversion statistics—at your fingertips.

The Management portal provides real-time online reporting for all types of programs at many different stages and using various tracking variables. i2i maintains a suite of more than 50 different reports showing data and program performance that you can use to make key business decisions. All users receive a login and password. This hierarchical management tool lets you control the data that each manager or sales representative is able to see. The Management portal allows you to view real-time online productivity performance providing complete program visibility. It’s the ultimate lead management tool.

Module 4 is where the critical data is gathered in terms of which protocol is producing the best return. It’s essentially the “brain” of i2i that tells us which parts of the initiative are performing poorly or optimally. At this point, we perform a workup on all the modules in the continuum again, replicating that which is best-performing, to optimize the whole. We return to Module 1 and consider what worked, what didn’t work and what can be enhanced to ensure that we’re increasing productivity and driving revenue as much as possible for your business. The Contact Center, Module 2, is then further customized to make it that much more effective the next time around. Working with the four modules of i2i provides a continual process for improvement.