Module 3 — Sales Lead Distribution

The approach of D2M is to be very consultative in every aspect of our business. We’ve honed our listening skills, so we know what’s important to our clients and can identify your prospects’ needs. You can be sure that our agents know whether an opportunity exists for each call they make. What we won’t do is provide your salespeople or ours, depending on the services for which we’ve been contracted, with a list of uninterested contacts or the wrong contacts. We know who the decision-makers are for your specific goals. As our agents interact with the i2i software using the Contact Center portal, it branches to questions that have been highly customized for your campaign. If we are conducting cold calls, this lets us ferret out the information you need. If we are following up with an attendee of your last trade show or other event, our scripting intro will reflect that to our agents. The specificity and flexibility of our scripting is one of the most important differentiators between D2M and other lead generation, telesales or BPO companies.

Each time an agent identifies an interested prospect, the Sales Lead Distribution portal kicks in. First, it will output the deliverable to be sent to QC. Then it will be compared to the audio file (if available) for accuracy. Once the deliverable passes QC, it will automatically email that opportunity to the appropriate sales rep according to the sales territory tables built into i2i. We can arrange this table based on geographic territory, product expertise or any other factor that works best for your setup. Whichever way your sales reps’ territories are aligned, we make sure they get the leads immediately, while they’re still hot. Data integrity is crucial. You can also rest assured that the information sales reps receive has gone through an extensive quality control process. We understand how critical it is that it’s 100 percent accurate.

If you have your own CRM/SFA solution, we can integrate the data feed directly into your technology platform. We have extensive experience creating Web service feeds, exports and direct integration with client CRM/SFA platforms. Data feeds have been shown to greatly streamline data exchange and optimize clients’ current technology investments.

The Sales Lead Distribution portal is maximized in Module 4, the Lead Management portal, which allows you to view a multitude of reports pertaining to various stages of the sales cycle. By the time we have cycled through all four modules for the first time with your business, you will notice the results. Direct2Market’s four-pronged system gives you ultimate control of your lead nurturing and lead management processes.