Module 2 — Contact Center Portal

Once we have all of your digital marketing materials organized in one place where we can instantly send them singly or in batches to your contacts, the choice is yours regarding what you want us to do next using the Contact Center. You tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll suggest a host of possibilities from which to choose. Direct2Market will craft the right approach and tailor our strategies to your budget, timeline and other needs with a comprehensive evaluation and ongoing discussion.

Following our information gathering session, we are prepared to provide a wealth of BPO solutions, including lead generation and consultative selling services, via Module 2. We can even eliminate another step for you by translating those leads into appointments so your sales reps don’t have to make the follow-up calls. We preset the appointments, greatly increasing your team’s productivity.

The Contact Center essentially serves two purposes. First, it is programmed with question-and-answer pairs created specifically for your initiative to guide the conversation between our agents and your prospects. We are not script readers — everything we do is consultative in approach. Our scripting is truly dynamic, with drop-down menu boxes within the system that change in accordance with the conversation. This proprietary software gives our agents the flexibility to do what they do best: engage your prospects. Agents simply point and click on the answers to questions that come up naturally in the conversation for i2i to process, and when they find the right point to probe questions, they can click on those answers as well. D2M’s sophisticated technology provides the most natural, informed and useful conversation possible, and we back it up by instantly sending prospects and clients your digital media.

Second, the portal captures detailed data from the calls, allowing us to seamlessly leverage the Marketing Resource Management portal’s stored media. Our experts can then turn the calls into appointments, leads, direct sales, event registrations and email campaigns at the touch of a button.

Moreover, the Contact Center provides a knowledge base of intelligence from which to make excellent decisions for your business initiatives. As with the first module, we revisit our strategy again in Module 2. Is the initiative functionally working the way it should in terms of generating the right benchmarks and metrics? Do details need to be changed here and there, such as the scripting? Is it too long? Are we asking questions that raise objections? The Contact Center gathers detailed information throughout the conversation that allows us to answer these questions. This knowledge is seamlessly integrated with the data obtained via the other three modules, starting next with the Sales Lead Distribution portal.