Module 1 — Marketing Resource Management

Our consultative approach to call center outsourcing and telemarketing services starts here. First, we meet with you to discuss where you are and where you want to be. Which marketing tools are you currently using? Are there any best practices that are working for our other clients that we’d recommend for you? Based on this initial discussion, our goal is to put an initiative into play that combines your current technology and marketing processes with our resources to increase your return on investment.

The Marketing Resource Management portal contains a digital library section tied to marketing initiatives. It holds all of your whitepapers, e-brochures, product sell sheets and other marketing tools. Our representatives simply log into your library, retrieve any or all of the documents to support your current marketing initiative and send them to prospects and clients using custom email templates. The materials are sent in real-time, eliminating the need to make follow-up calls and ultimately shortening the sales cycle.

This description only scratches the surface of how the Marketing Resource Management portal can help us better gain and keep your prospects’ attention. We’ll discuss all of the tools in each of the four modules during our meeting, as they were specifically designed to work together to maximize your marketing campaigns and your productivity.

As with all of the modules, the digital media response data is reviewed to determine which tools are contributing most to the success of your initiative. The analysis process also empowers us to choose enhancements that we can install to optimize results.

Overall, the Marketing Resource Management portal is a powerhouse for several functions:

  • Stores all of your digital marketing collateral in one place
  • Sends materials to prospects in real-time, increasing brand recognition
  • Radically increases the productivity of your business processes
  • Self-corrects by providing performance feedback

In the “discovery” process of Module 1, we determine how to integrate your existing technology into an overall end-to-end business process combining marketing communications tools and the phone, leading us to Module 2, the Contact Center.