Business Challenge:

The client had aggressive growth goals in a highly competitive market. To augment inside sales, they needed to generate high-quality appointments for the sales team to conduct product demonstrations and, ultimately, unit sales. Target goals and metrics were pre-established to ensure that the model generated a positive ROI.


D2M built a business support model based on market size and prioritized appointments to be delivered to only those on the inside sales team that met production requirements. To facilitate this, D2M integrated data through Web services with the client’s infrastructure, and data flowed to and from the client with continual prospect updates and sales cycle information.

With the finite universe being aggressively pursued, D2M established data mining and nurture programs to continually work the prospect universe and maximize sales potential.


  • Exceeded client pre-established ROI benchmarks for program success
  • D2M appointments generated over 1,100 unit sales in less than 6 months
  • Generated inbound Web responses based on prospect touches
  • D2M appointments converted at a higher rate than internal appointment setting team