Business Challenge:

As a leading online and publication marketing solution to the legal industry, this client needed to centralize lead generation, appointment setting and direct sales initiatives to increase sales.


Designed a multi-layered approach of lead generation, appointment setting and direct sales, webinar and events registration and inbound response handling. All efforts were highly targeted based on size of prospect and type of product for acquisition. Customer retention was added into the strategy of maintaining and growing market share through cross-sell and upsell programs, providing a single source initiative to drive sales. 

At the core of the model was D2M’s i2i technology platform driving productivity, tracking, measuring and reporting, and the client’s internal SFA application into which all opportunities were directly entered to link to sales executives' calendars, drive opportunity tracking, and handle new customer set up, invoicing and billing. Companies were profiled as to their current marketing solutions, competitive presence, budget, timeframe for purchase and willingness to meet with a sales rep. Prior to outbound efforts, specific strategies for testing were created using direct mail, a digital media library with copy variations and offer variations.


  • Conducted over 2 million dials in 12 months
  • Delivered over 10,000 appointments in the first year
  • Identified the optimal communications media to drive sales
  • Generated a positive ROI for the program and channel