Events Registration

Business Challenge:

The world's leading information technology research and advisory company needed to augment its existing marketing efforts to bolster registrants for events throughout the world. With ever changing economic conditions identifying and registering customers and prospects required a more aggressive outreach than ever before to secure the number of event participants needed to drive ROI.


Leveraging the brand and marketing support materials, D2M built a team of seasoned specialists to sell the value of attending these events. To facilitate this, D2M compiled the events database and placed registration calls to key individuals who recently received an introductory email. In addition, digital e-brochures were integrated and special pricing and promotions to optimize conversion rates.

Upon securing a registrant, D2M completed all of the necessary registration process and financial requirements on-line and tracked using a special promotion code. Following registration, D2M placed confirmation calls prior to the events and post event feedback calls to provide the client with additional information for future sales and marketing initiatives.


  • Dramatically impacted event registration conducting over 50 different major events
  • Generated a 3 to 1 ROI not including annuity revenue
  • Established key benchmarks and best practices from which to continue enhancing results