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At Direct2Market Sales Solutions, our business is knowing your business. We have an established record of success organizing and implementing highly effective end-to-end sales and marketing initiatives for a wide range of clients. When you partner with us as your BPO services firm, you gain access to a team of marketing professionals, a state-of-the-art contact center, digital marketing tools and our proprietary i2i technology.

We use a consultative approach to determine which strategies, communications vehicles and technologies to deploy. Starting with a customized set of BPO solutions geared toward your unique goals – B2B lead generation or telesales, for example -- we collect and analyze extensive data to continually refine your initiative. D2M’s dynamic, technology-based system lets us employ the specific elements to achieve top results for your business at any given time.

Whether you engage us to provide lead generation, nurturing, telemarketing services or any combination of our skills, we use multiple strategies to create a truly integrated initiative tailored to your markets and specific goals. D2M, a New York BPO services provider, can perform all of the following functions, and more, for your business:

B2B Telemarketing

D2M’s experience gives us the advantage of knowing industry standards and what to expect before we engage and measure to those benchmarks. This insight lets us provide your business with a highly customized, flexible B2B lead generation, appointment setting or telesales initiative optimized to deliver maximum results.

We’ve conducted millions of calls on behalf of our clients. Our team has developed sales and marketing solutions, as well as best practices, for hundreds of companies in the B2B telemarketing services landscape. We understand that our clients have been tasked to do more with fewer resources, and that is where our experience meets your needs. Most companies simply do not have the time to give their potential and existing clients the attention required to drive more and better business — call center outsourcing may be the answer for your business.

Lead Generation and Management

  • Qualify new prospects for your products and services – as a premier lead generation company, we know the right questions to ask
  • Cultivate your existing database and nurture prospects – your dormant leads and current contacts can be a goldmine in the hands of our experts
  • Expand existing account opportunities – our specialists are trained to spot possible revenue streams for our clients where others may miss them

Appointment Setting

Sometimes handing a lead off to a sales team member is not enough. When dealing with C-level contacts, reaching them at a convenient time is often difficult. We focus on all of the elements of a quality lead by asking the prospect or customer to look at their calendar and set a date and time to meet by phone or in person. With complex programs, we may integrate digital communications or even tangible creative packages to entice executives or their gatekeepers into keeping their appointments. Of course, sometimes a cancellation is necessary, but we get the appointment rescheduled.


  • Target and convert prospects into sales for your products and services
  • Increase market penetration — telesales and other telemarketing services coupled with sophisticated technology get us in where you want to go

Providing comprehensive BPO in New York, D2M can manage your marketing campaign from start to finish. Moreover, we can help you manage your clients by tracking responses, measuring client satisfaction and retention, resolving customer service issues and encouraging prospects to attend your events and seminars.

Customized Client Programs Include:

  • Contact Center Services
  • Database Development & Management
  • Digital Media
  • Program Management
  • Reporting & Measurement
  • Analytics

Special Pilot Offer

D2M believes in maintaining a long term partnership to improve the results of your program. We've created a pilot methodology to ensure that you always receive the best service and quality from our relationship..

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